Compelling Asian Consumer Story

Fundamental trends in Asia’s markets, most notably burgeoning populations, urbanization and a more educated and qualified workforce, will lead to increased disposable income and consumer spending.  This will ensure that in the short, medium and long term, Asia will continue to be the key engine of growth of the global retail and consumer goods industries.


Consistent and exclusive consumer sector focus

Since inception, Cassia has focused exclusively on the consumer and, as a result, we have developed deep knowledge base, a strong reputation and an extensive industry network, which all serve as a platform for sourcing deals, efficiently analyzing opportunities, performing effective due diligence, and adding value post-investment.

We target SMEs with proven business models, established market positions and significant growth potential.  We seek to create value by working closely with management to optimize both the strategic direction and operating performance of our portfolio companies.

Partner with strong management teams

We aim to identify and partner with strong management teams and to work alongside them to identify and implement key operational and strategic changes to drive long term growth and increased profitability.  We add value by helping to strengthen teams where necessary, advising on strategic direction, including potential international expansion and acquisitions.  At Cassia, we believe in strongly aligning our interests with those of management so that we are all working to achieve the same goals.